Island of the Oracle

A simple classic RPG in BASIC for MSX

Before Getting Started

This game is a simple tribute to classic computer RPG games, specially Ultima. I tried to preserve the "look & feel" of these first computer RPGs, like the command interface and very simple graphics.

It was created in MSX Basic and requires an MSX2 with 32Kb or more and a disk drive. It will be distributed as a bootable disk image. You can load the image in any emulator (I use OpenMSX) or copy the files to a physical disk and play in a real MSX. The source code isn't protected, so you can take a look if you like (though I don't think it is a good example!).

I made it for fun and I don't have time to check it completely, so I'm sure there're a lot of bugs. I prefer to release a buggy version than releasing nothing at all.

This version is modified to work with Japanese MSX, Get it >>> here <<<.

Added a map to the tips section.

The second beta version is out. Get it >>> here <<<.

The first beta version is out. Get it >>> here <<<.

Story - Welcome to the Island of Oracle

The Oracle always lived in the mountains of a southern island of the Kingdom. During generations the Oracle has been a source of enlightenment and wisdom for pilgrims and even the Kings.

But monsters started to appear around all the island attacking the villages and all the ships that are trying to get the island port.

Your ship was destroyed by the monsters, but you, the only survivor, manage to swim to the shore.

Will you survive in such a dangerous environment? Will you solve the mistery of the Island of the Oracle?

Your adventure starts now!

How to play

The game will autoload from disk. If do not load directly, just insert the disk and type RUN"IO.BAS" in the BASIC interpreter.

After the introduction, you have to create a new character by selecting the option 2 in the main menu. You can choose your name (remember it!) and class (each one have different bonus points). Your character attributes will be created randomly and saved to disk with the character name.

When you have a character created, you can start the game by choosing the option 1 in the main menu and writing the name of the character.

In the game you can move around the map using the cursors keys and interact with the world using the commands in the Commands section.

If you run into an enemy you will start a combat. You can't flee from a combat. After you defeat an enemy you will receive experience points and some gold. With enough experience points you will grow to the next level and your stats will increase. In some places are enemies hidden which can attack you at any moment.

The target of the game is discover what is happening in the Island of the Oracle.


All the commands, except cursors, must be introduced as upper-case letters.

Some commands, like attack, require you to choose a direction to continue.

Some tips

Known problems

  • The game doesn't work with Japanese MSX. There is a new version for Japanese computers!
  • English. All text in the game (including this one) needs a revision.
  • The game only can handle upper-case commands. Anyone know how to convert lower-case to upper-case in MSX?

  • Special Thanks to Guillian and Harlock from ZDP, for helping with the case conversion code. Xguipe from ZDP for helping with a MSX1 compatible version. And to all ZDP ( forum for their help & support to this project!

    Contact & development story

    You can contact me through my blog, here.
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